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industrial pressure washingindustrial pressure washingindustrial pressure washingindustrial pressure washing

Industrial Pressure Washing

Industrial Pressure washing is one of the many tools Porta-Painting uses to remove surface contaminates in order to provide the long lasting coating our customers desire. Our fleet of industrial pressure washers are put to the test every season and deliver the superior cleaning power that is both cost effective and reliant.

Pressure – Water Flow Rate – Cleaning Solution - Heat

Paint is not designed to stick to:

  1. Salt Contamination
  2. Mud
  3. Pollution
  4. Loose Paint
  5. Mold

Porta-Painting is ready prepare your surface for long lasting coating protection.

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Equipment Available

  • Pressure wash units up to 5,000 psi
  • Hot and cold water cleaning
  • Skid mounted 500 gallon water tank
  • Flexible schedule
  • Trained and experienced personnel
  • Rotating tips can remove loose coatings

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