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equipment paintingequipment paintingequipment paintingequipment painting

We Offer Experienced Equipment Painting

Let’s face it, equipment is the backbone of our manufacturing facilities. Machinery that is well used does not have to look old and out of date. Refreshing your current equipment is an excellent cost saving way to project an excellent image that will boost company morale and retain qualified employees.

If your machinery is looking rag tag and could use some refreshing, we have the personnel ready and willing to step in during non-production hours to improve your corporate in house image.

At Porta-Painting, we understand that your company cannot stop production for industrial equipment painting and maintenance.Therefore we will work with you to schedule painting that does not interrupt your operations. We offer the experienced professionals to enclose, exhaust and professionally finish every job.

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Markets Served

  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Industrial Process Equipment
  • Storage and Process Tank Linings
  • OEM Manufacturing Equipment
  • Production Painting
  • Stack Painting
  • Conveyor Painting

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